Turn Your Blog Into Your Main Source Of Income

Using your blog to make money… potentially a whole lot of money.

For some, this income is enough to quit their jobs and live life on their own terms.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? But is it actually realistic?


In this short, but powerful blog, I’m going to share with you the two key factors to determine if it’s realistic for you to expect your blog to become your main source of income.

These factors are monetization and traffic. Let’s look at each…

Blog Monetization

How well you monetize your blog can mean the difference between earning $100 per month and $5,000 per month online. This is for real.

There are various ways to monetize your blog.

I actually recommend implementing several of them all at once. Here are just a few of your options:

* Adsense
* Affiliate links
* Affiliate banners
* Your own services
* Your own product offers
* Business-to-business advertising
* CPA offers
* List building

There are countless ways in which you can integrate these into your blog – From contextual advertising to pop-ups to side bar utilization, the sky’s the limit!

One thing you want to be careful of when monetizing your blog, however, is overdoing it.

If your blog looks like a giant sales pitch, then nobody’s going to want to stick around and enjoy your content. You must be subtle, but thorough.

Makes sense?

Much of this stuff will be common sense to you.

Heck, you can just ask yourself the question “If this were someone else’s blog and I were visiting it, would I feel I was being benefitted… or pitched to?”

Always put yourself in your visitors’ shoes.

Blog Traffic

As we discussed in the previous blog posts, you never want to depend on SEO as your primary traffic generation strategy. In fact, it should really be “incidental” – a.k.a. natural.

Now, as I’m sure you already know, there are two main categories of traffic – free and paid.

Both come fully equipped with their own sets of pros and cons…

It should go without saying that if you’ve got more time than money, and you happen to be on a rather tight budget (or you’re just plain risk averse), then free traffic generation will be your best friend.




A few of the most popular free traffic generation strategies include:

* Web 2.0 marketing
* Video marketing
* Forum posting
* Blog commenting
* Guest blogging
* Free e-book submissions
* Search engine optimization

These are all great options, honestly. You can do one, a few, or all of them.

It’s completely up to you.

And as you engage in many of these, you’ll also be inadvertently building links back to your blog posts. This will increase your search engine rankings, really offering you the best of both worlds.

Hope you enjoyed today’s article and please come again for more.



P.S. This article was sent to me by an Internet Marketer and liked to share it with you……..

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