3 Things All Affiliate Marketers Need To Survive On-line

3 Things All Affiliate Marketers Need To Survive On-line

The dream of every individual who does affiliate marketing is having a successful niche that gives him/her a huge income to take home. Actualizing this dream is possible but not as easy as some people may think. Being a successful affiliate marketer is not just about magic that works by just clicking a certain button.


Intelligent tactics have to be applied for you to survive online and make good money.

These are some practices that have been confirmed to work over a couple of years.


We have seen people succeed in online marketing for the past years and are still making great achievements for affiliate marketers even in today’s world. Many affiliate marketers have survived online due to these tactics. Since they have been proved to be successful, you can use them to achieve success in affiliate marketing by having enormous sales and remaining at the top of your game.


Below are the top most tactics that are a must-practice for any affiliate marketer who wants to survive online.


  1. Using a distinctive web page to promote each individual item


You may argue that having all the products put together in a single page saves you on web hosting. But how much does it cost you when it comes to promoting your product for sale? Having a unique page for a specific product will ease the experience of your visitors, by aggregating all your products together on one web page may be unfriendly to your visitors. They may end up getting confused on what exactly you are promoting.


Having product reviews on the website is of great importance here. A glance at your product review helps your customers to know what your products are for. Including testimonials of other customers that have had an experience with your product is a wise idea.


That honest testimonial by a customer can win the trust of your new visitors. Your visitor is more likely to trust your product if they have found testimonials of other users than when they have not heard from anyone who has benefited from your product.


Do not get bothered by how to get people let you use their names and photos in the testimonials and reviews. A customer would take it as pleasure to have their name or photo on your website for a testimony they give. They will give out their names straight away.


You can even choose to use the ones that are found on the product site. Be sure that these testimonials will do you justice, so going that extra mile is worth it.


Having additional pages to the product’s website concerning the product usage is also advisable. The additional pages should be designed in a way to draw your visitors’ attention, and not only that but also attracting them to buy your product.


Look for those subtopics that leave the visitors wanting to dig deeper. Can you have topics that will ultimately take your visitor to the purchase button? Let the content be compelling that your visitor will not help but click the buy link because they would have been conceived that your product is what they are looking for.



  1. Offering free reports to your visitors can work well for you.


Be sure to position them somewhere your visitors will definitely see. For instance, a reader cannot miss a report placed above the fold of a page. Create appealing auto-responder messages to be sent to those visitors who leave their personal details on your sign up box.


Making a sale is not just a snap of a finger it comes after the seventh contact with a potential customer according to research. So you should not stop at just providing your products reviews and testimonials on your site.


Bear in mind that a visitor landing on your website assures you of one or more of these three possibilities: they can buy, leave you their email address or leave your website, never to come back.


If they do not buy but you get their email address, use that to your advantage. Send them periodic emails which are informative to act as reminders to them. Each time they read your message, they will be reminded that they missed buying an important product and so they may consider buying it next time they visit your website.

Telling your visitors about the features of your product is not enough to make them buy. You can make the message sound more of a sales pitch and tell your readers the benefits accruing to the purchase of your product.


You know what your customers are looking for. Focus on those main points that they would be looking for. Like how your product can positively impact their quality of their life. Let the subject lines of your emails be appealing. It is advisable to shun from using the word ‘FREE’ because some older spam filters will not allow your email to reach your audience. They will get rid of them before they reach your audience by dumping them on the spam folder. Let your free reports make your readers feel that they are missing something crucial by not buying your items or services.


  1. Targeting and reaching the right traffic that fits your product.


You should strive to draw the attention of those visitors that are targeted by your item.

Reach the right traffic to avoid the cases of those who visit and never come back again because they did not have any interest in the product you are marketing.


Come up with articles for publishing in e-reports and e-zines. This is a way of locating publications that are focused on your target customers. This helps you to improve the environment for possible sales.


Try to generate a large number of your targeted customers by continuously writing a minimum of two articles in a week. This way, you will draw the people who show interest in your articles and these are the ones who will turn out to be the potential buyers of your product.


According to statistics, only one or two people are likely to buy your item out of the 100 who visit your site. For example, if you can manage to generate 1000 potential customers to your website, then you are more likely to make 10 sales.


These practices have been proven to work for many people. Just dedicate enough time and come up with an action plan on how to implement them. Take affiliate marketing as seriously as having a real job, not just as something to pass time. Dedicate your time to these three tactics and wait to see your real results. You will definitely get wowed, and watch your account grow.





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