Common misconceptions about web traffic and search engines

Common misconceptions about web traffic and search engines

Over the past several years, numerous misconceptions have emerged about Web Traffic and Search Engines. For the beginners making and hosting a website is not the end of it, there are a number of things that must be done to ensure a maximized traffic that will in itself result to leading customers or visitors to your site. Though website must have a webpage and some subpages, creating them and posting them on the Internet isn’t just enough.


Especially if you are planning to have an eCommerce site that will require a lot of advertisement or marketing to generate traffic. For instance, the Internet has tens of millions of websites and chances are high there are other thousands of websites that are offering the same service as yours. This means the competition in the Internet is massive and can bury you if you cannot do anything to promote your site and emerge above the thousands of sites to let people know that you exist. Therefore, it is of the essence to understand that without web traffic your site is as good as a fantasy.


Therefore, web traffic and search engines are vital components in generating profits and a successful eCommerce websites. These tools are vital in determining the ranking and the rate of your website thus giving you an opportunity to strategize. However, there are many common misconceptions about web traffic and search engines. Here are some of the misconceptions associated with web traffic and search engines.


SEO is a one-time affair

Many people think that search engine optimization can only be done once and boom the traffic starts flowing in. That is further from the truth, search engine optimization is an ongoing process that needs the webmaster’s attention and efforts over an extended period of time. For it to be successfully done, it must be continuously and without doubt not a onetime affair.


Quantity is more important than quality

In terms of backlinks, quality is simply the most important thing as compared to the quantity. This means that attracting a large number of links aquired by link farms is not as important as attracting relative links from related and trusted sources.


Quality traffic vs Quantity traffic; NoFollow Links; ink Farms

More visits to your website does not mean more sales


Meta tags are no longer significant

While Meta tags are not the main components of search marketing, they are still important just like other components. Including an exceptional as well as keyword-rich title along with a description on every page of a website will help the site rank better in organic search results for those terms. Meta tags may not be as important as they once were, but they do still matter in the world of search optimization.


Ranking (Positioning) Doesn’t Matter

You might have probably heard of people who think that ranking does not matter and what is important is the traffic. That being said, as much as relevant, converting traffic is more important than your profits. Then again, it does not surpass the importance of ranking since the difference between 1st and 2nd and 5th and 10th greatly affects the amount and flow of traffic to your website. It is common knowledge that the first website in the search engine is likely to be visited as compared with the second, fifth on tenth item on the list. Even though we cannot be sure of how everyone sees the ranking, at least we are sure that the opportunities of increasing traffic are higher with a higher ranking.


Website traffic; SEO; NoFollow link

Higher ranking makes the difference between failure and success

SEO is a guarantee

Nothing is guaranteed in life except for taxes and death. When correctly implemented, search engine optimization can possibly improve your search rankings as a whole. However, be apprehensive of any search marketing corporation that makes guarantees. There are basically too numerous factors and variables that takes part if SEO success is to be guaranteed.


Build it and they will come

Sometimes ago, those days before the Internet become crowded, you could come up with something new and out of the ordinary and it would catch the attention of many visitors without any effort. But now, with the high number of entrances and a highly populated Internet community, there is a need for more work to be put in order to draw awareness to your innovation. One mistake many people make is assuming that people will find it simply for the reason that it is cool!


NoFollow links are a waste of time

Though many people are meant to believe that NoFollow links are a waste of time, the fact is acquiring links that are marked as “NoFollow” are not a waste of time. A combination of both DoFollow with NoFollow links looks far more accepted to the search engine algorithms as compared to a website with all DoFollow or all NoFollow links. As well, a number of search marketing studies advise that not all search engines concentrate on the NoFollow characteristics, and they do, if truth be told value a NoFollow link the same way that they would value a DoFollow link.

Google is the only search engine

While the fact remains that Google is without a doubt the largest search engine in the world, a decent amount of web traffic can still be generated by attaining a high ranking in other search engines for viable search terms. Then again, it is important to have unique content so as the website can have high standing in the ranking. This will be useful since search engines will be able to maximize the generated target for the web visitors. Then again, unique content will help the website from not being delisted from the search engines.



Now that you know, it is important to base your Web Traffic and Search Engines optimization on facts, and not on the common misconceptions about web traffic and search engines! Moreover, always keep in mind that not anything about SEO is ever an absolute. But as a web designer it is of the essence to avoid such myths in order to gain high ranking of your site. Keep in mind that all this is all about profit, and a website that attracts a lot of visitors can also promise the web owner a lot of souring profit if done correctly.

More to come on Web traffic, email listing and Internet Marketing so stay tuned and will see you soon.





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