Guidelines for Growing the Opt-In List.

Email marketing also referred to as electronic marketing is a way of marketing directly a commercial message to different individuals or a group of certain people using their email address.


The broad sense of this form of marketing is that, each mail sent to a subscriber who is a current or a potential customer is considered email marketing. It involves using subscribers email addresses to send an advert, solicit donations or sales, request business which is meant to create brand awareness or perhaps trust from the respective individuals.


It can be done to solid customer list or the customers who are currently on the business database. The term email marketing is used broadly to refer to sending messages through email addresses with an objective of creating or enhancing the relationship between the sender and its current or new customers.


This consequently encourages customers’ loyalty enhancing a repeat purchase of your products or to create awareness to new customers about business existence. Creating an email list is not a walk in the park as someone may think. It requires hard work, patience and a lot of determination.


Having or flooding your database with a huge list of emails wouldn’t do the trick. It requires the company to create and nurture a strong relationship with every customer. Guidelines for growing the opt-in list can only be understood by understanding email marketing contradicting terms.


In this context of email marketing the terms” confirmed opt-in”, “double opt-in” and “opt-in” are used and thrown around interchangeably by individuals who are not much exposed or perhaps familiar with practices of list collection. Below are some definitions, in-depth explanation and guidelines for Growing the Opt-In List.


An opt-in email address which is also referred to as single opt-in is a method in which a subscriber of a certain email address who had a previous relationship with your business have given you permission or consent to receive future email communications from you. This could be via store signup forms or may be web based, service purchase or previous product, through membership and or other personal or perhaps business relationships.


On the other hand, a confirmed opt-in (COI) also referred to as double opt-in is one of the most preferred among other methods by a number of internet service providers (ISPs). It is perhaps a more exact way of getting permission to send your emails to the subscribers.


Confirmed opt-in prompts your subscribers that email address owners to first respond to an email confirmation request that you send to them, before they can be actually added to your email list. If they do not respond to your email confirmation request they won’t receive emails in future from you.


This helps you to ensure that your email contacts you have are willing and want to receive emails from you. When your COI is turned on, new subscribers send their email addresses via your web form or signup inbox, and they receive an email sent to that respective address automatically.


The subscribers MUST confirm their email by replying or clicking on the link on the confirmation email sent before they are added to your list. If they don’t confirm their address by clicking on the link, you do not have to send emails to those addresses again in future.


Confirming a new subscriber that is a customer in other words is highly recommended within the email marketing industry context. This practice is becoming widely accepted by the general public across the world today. More and more individuals are expecting to receive a confirmation email and they feel this process of confirming their interest helps to strengthen the reputation and credibility of the senders. This method helps you to create a long lasting and perhaps a strong bonded relationship with the sender in future.


It is important to note that COI permission guidelines are far much delicate and very strict. You cannot use an email deliver tool or a constant contact to send emails in future to the subscribers who have not responded to the confirmation email.


If by any chance you happen to send emails to unconfirmed email addresses, your email delivery tool or constant contact account might be terminated. However, your contact list in the category awaiting confirmation can be contacted by an email through your website visitor signup inbox or any other means to ask them to subscribe to your list.


The use of this method in growing list is usually considered the best practice in email marketing industry. The most cited reason as to why it is important to grow your list using this method is that. It helps you in lowering chances of having complains made against you by individuals, when they receive emails from you which they might term as spam. It ensures the emails sent to the subscribers or your readers, actually they want receive them about your products or business.


The following are some guidelines for growing the Opt-In List.

Growing your email subscribers list is an important element in email marketing. As well it is vital to ensure that the subscribers you acquire are quality and engaged customers who wish to be on your list. The following are rules and highly cited tips as research indicates for growing the opt-in list.


Sell value

A successful email list growth starts when you have permission form your subscribers. It is of high value to articulate clearly a one on one program with your subscribers. Manage the expectations that your subscribers have by providing an insight in both content and frequency of your communication.


Organic growth values

Always make sure to give your customers an opportunity to opt-in in your list after they personal initiate contact with your brand. Consider their touch points that your business have and provide them with an opportunity to opt-in out of their will.


Diversity track and evaluation

Make sure you do not over rely on one technique to grow your opt-in list. Use multiple email list growth strategies, closely keeping track and monitoring their source to determine the best tactic for you.


Do not look for a silver bullet

Quite a number of email marketers perhaps use a tactic that promises faster and quick opt-in list growth. However, this technique in most cases does not bring in quality subscribers. Quality and not quantity should always be your target or end goal while growing your opt-in list.


Use technology

Finally, take advantage of growing your list by sales force marketing cloud via word of mouth and other social networks. You can also use mobile texts capture campaign to attract new subscribers who like mobile phone interactions.