How to use a blog to develop content for your website

How to use a blog to develop content for your website

Even the best writers get it. What am I talking about? It is called writer’s block. It happens to everyone at some point or another. You sit down in front of your laptop to write your article or plan to write one and you end up staring at your screen or into space. You have no idea what to write about and seems like your brain was drained of all knowledge and concept you had about your niche subject. Don’t get distressed and agonize over this situation. There are many excellent ways to generate content ideas.

Here are eight excellent ways to get content ideas:

  1. Go online visit your favorite blog and look for a post about a popular topic you like. Post a comment on one of their blog post regarding the topic. Then write about it in your blog. Make sure to elaborate about the details of post and why you had to join the discussion.. You can use it to boost traffic to your site and provide new and worthwhile information to your visitors.


  1. Watch the news for ten minutes and use a news story to generate content to your site. Even though the news is mostly negative and depressing, it can help you create great and timely, content ideas. For example, a news story about the poor job market can lead you to produce a story about how to market your online business in today’s job market.


  1. Browse through a magazine you have in your home and look at the cover. Modify each of the teaser headlines into headlines for your blog or website. You’ll likely have things like:

* The top ten ways to___

* Five secrets of__

* Easy ways to ____


  1. Use feedback or comments from your visitors on a certain topic to create content for your blog or website. Your reader’s feedback is an excellent source of motivation and can spark many creative article ideas. You can also use your response to the comment to develop new blog post or article.


  1. Watch celebrity news for content ideas for your blog. You can often find celebrity information that pertains directly to your niche.. Celebrities provide plenty of entertainment for society. People are fascinated by celebrities and want to know what they do, what they wear, what they eat and where they live.


  1. Use a quote that you love and expand on it. Write an article that details why you love it and what it means to    you. Associate it with your business products, services or information and ask readers to provide their favorite quote on the subject..


  1. Reviews are great for content creation and provide an awesome opportunity to earn affiliate profits. Reviews are extremely popular and will boost traffic to your website. By posting a book, product or service review in your blog, you are providing valuable and useful information for your readers.


  1. Use social media for content. You can review the popular post on topics related to your blog or website’s niche. You can also use your own social media posts and the feedback to those posts.


Writer's block

Writer’s block

Don’t let writer’s block discourage you because it happens to everyone sooner or later! Observe your surroundings for motivation and insight. And keep a notebook with you so you can write down ideas as they come to you!

I like marketing with blogs because they can be a free way to get traffic back to your website. A blog is like a diary. And depending on your niche, you will want to update it every day just like you would a diary. You will eventually develop a following of readers, and they will come back to your site every day for more of your valuable information.

Now readers won’t just appear out of nowhere. You have to implement marketing strategies to get people back to your blog. The marketing strategies that you need aren’t hard to do, and I’m going to share with you a few of them in today’s post. You’re about to see just how easy it is to get traffic back to your blog for free. In fact, here’s the first way to get free blog traffic:

1) Blogging and pinging

With blogging and pinging, all you’re doing is updating your blog and then contacting the search engine services that you have new content on your blog. Not only does this account for more free traffic, yet your online journal can be put in the web crawlers rapidly as a result of it.  There is a service called Ping-O-Matic. You can Google the name and visit their site. You essentially enter your web journal data in the 3 fields and after that click on the Send Pings. It is as simple as 1-2-3. Here’s another way to get free blog traffic.

2) Add news readers to your blog or have people subscribe via your RSS feed

A news reader is a program that automatically updates your Google, Yahoo, or MSN feed. You can easily get news readers onto your blog by going to a site called FeedBurner. This is a great site to be on, and it will give you all the access, information, and tools that you need to have success with your blog.

When someone subscribes to your RSS feed, they immediately get notified that you have new content on your website, and it will more than likely display on the title of your blog post. Depending on how a person’s RSS feed is setup they can read your entire blog post without even having to visit your blog to get the information. But more often than not, they will click through to your blog. Here’s the last way to get free traffic from blogging.

3) Update your blog everyday

It’s time to get real about your blog marketing efforts. If you want to keep readers and have them visit your blog often, you need to come up with new blog content. This is something that is essential to your overall blog marketing process. Some people post twice a day, and even up to 3 times a day.

Just be sure not to post too much because a red flag will go off and Google will think that your blog is a spam blog. So stay away from doing that.


I hope that you enjoyed today’s post, please come again for more info on the subject.




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