Social Media Marketing Strategies For The Initiates

Social Media Marketing Strategies For The Initiates



The social media marketing has seen a growth rate that is unprecedented. Previously, social media was seen as a way of staying in touch with friends and family, this has however changed completely. Today, 99 % of companies have a presence in the social media. It is seen by businesses as an effective way to tie the content marketing and the SEO together. The search engine considers the number of shares received by a particular page when ranking its content.

Secondly, the businesses have realized that social media is now the primary method of sharing content. Most social network sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon all allow the users to share content. Since people tend to trust the content shared by the people they already know, social media has become the most effective way for businesses to increase traffic to their sites.

In realization of this fact, many companies rush to increase the number of their followers thinking that this can translate to success in their business. This is a mistake that should be avoided. The level at which you interact with your fans matters more than the number of the followers you have. The business/organization should offer a platform on which it interacts with the fans, allowing them to ask questions, complain, and voice any other concerns. The content provided should be interesting, factual and helpful and not just promotional.

Any blogger can assert that the social media is the easiest way to build an audience and drive traffic into a targeted site. However, this is only possible if the blogger is well acquainted with the social networking tricks. The social sites provide plenty of opportunities to the savvy bloggers as they can attract new readers as well as engage with the regular ones. There are numerous ways that can work for the bloggers. Some are discussed below.

Social media icons on the Web page

The starting point for any blogger is to link his content to the various media platforms. This begins by displaying the social media icons at the top of the website. The method is to enable the blog readers to get quick access to the social media platform. This enables the readers to share the content on your behalf. In addition to this, the icon should be displayed in such a way that the readers quickly get directed to your profile with no much hustle.


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Target the audience

It does not make much sense to set up an account with all social media networks that are active. Instead, it is best to focus where the audience is. The audience largely depends on the type of the blog. While some bloggers focus on sports, others may focus on celebrities while others focus on health. There are so many matters of interest to focus on and each area comes with unique audience. As a blogger, it is important to understand which social media can work for your blog and which one does not. Pinterest, for instance, is not a platform in which you expect to find male sport enthusiasts.

The use of hash-tags

For the bloggers, the need to understand the advantages of hash-tags cannot be overemphasized. These are the right tools to put the content right in the middle of high traffic. These tools in social media ensure that the content is placed in public conversation which is a guarantee for the exposure. In addition to this, hash-tags are also attributed with higher rates of engagement.

The use of images

In order to get the maximum engagement, it is important to include images in your post. The web in general and social media in particular is becoming visual unlike before when a sentences and paragraphs were enough. There are several items that the users go through and in order to ensure that your content is noticed, it is best to include relevant and attractive images.

The headline used matters

In some forums, some bloggers said that they normally tweet different probable headlines for a given content. They monitor the activity and use the headline that attracted more views or engagement. This is just one way of testing headline. Since headlines are the window to the content, a lot of creativity must go into crafting the headline. If the headline appears to be bad, then it signals poor content behind it.

The implication is that there will be fewer views. The blogger must therefore sacrifice time to craft and test different headlines to come up with what the audience is looking for.

Presence matters

It is important that the blogger is present to interact with the audience by asking questions, answering questions, and keeping the audience engaged. In addition to this, the blogger can also share other contents of interest to the current audience.

Quality of the content matters

There are numerous bloggers who are ready to provide what your audience is looking for, as such; you must realize that you are competing. In order to survive the competition, a blogger must consistently provide original and high quality content. This is the surest way to win a wide audience. It takes time and the blogger must therefore be patient. The audience will develop a relationship with you and love you for your content. They share your content and invite more users to your page. Before realizing, you will have a huge fan base.

Focus on short and catchy lines

In social media, shorter posts generally receive more engagement than the lengthier ones. The blogger should therefore try to keep the tweets as short as possible when getting the message out. The desire to keep the content short should however not override the quality.

Include the call-to-action

It has been found that the posts that ask to be shared get more shares than the ones that don’t include this call to action. As such, the blogger shall include the call to action at the end of the content.

Generally, there are several methods and techniques that the blogger can use to market his/her content over the social media. Internet marketing is a field that is changing every day, particularly due to applications and additional features that are added on a daily basis. For this reason, there is no single rule that can guarantee success overnight. Rather, bloggers should be open minded and be ready to lean on a continuous basis. This includes learning and testing new tricks, maintaining quality and be consistent and passionate about what they do. When used properly, social media is one part of the Internet marketing that guarantees to offer amazing results.


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    Hi Antoine- This is one of the areas of marketing I could use more training, and your blog goes right to the heart of the matter. It is a concise step by step, that touches on the most important categories and how to approach them relevant to social media marketing.

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