Social Media and your Website

Social Media is the most powerful tool for your Website and your Business Brand


Using Social Media and your Website – The popularity of social networking websites is growing by the day. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram have become important tools for the promotion of business websites. Social networking is now one of the most effective and inexpensive way of increasing potential traffic to your website. Blogging can also influence the way you manage your social networking. Monitoring of trackbacks and comments is essential to gauge the success of your business website on the social networking sites.


The Importance of Social Networking for your Website

Social networking has slowly taken on an indispensable role in the lives of people today as it allows them to communicate with each other in an effective way. People stay connected even if they are at opposite poles of the earth. This is an invaluable advantage for all business organizations. Ever since networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace were created; businesses have been given opportunities to project and promote their brands and their services in diverse communities to far corners of the world.


A site like Facebook has over one and a quarter billion active users every month. Sites like this have changed the very way people interact with one another. They have made it simple and effective to stay connected every single day with an audience that could not have been imagined a couple of decades ago.


These social media sites have changed the way we interact with each other. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn make it easier for people to stay connected. Social media has shown the world how to build up and preserve a reputation online. Social networking sites are now extremely powerful communication and marketing tools. Utilization of such channels makes it easy to market your products and services and to communicate with your customers. These sites provide medium and small-sized businesses an easy access to potential clients without any expense involved. Content can be updated to the web pages at regular intervals and the customers can be kept apprised of whatever is new and exciting with your website.


Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace have become powerful marketing and communication tools. We believe that using these channels to easily communicate with your customers is an excellent habit. These websites offer small and medium-sized businesses, access to their clients never before available or affordable.   Add content to your page as often as possible, and keep your customers up-do-date on all that is new and exciting.


Social Media; Importance of Social Media Networking

The Importance of Social Networking for your Website


Social Networking increases the Volume of Traffic to your Website

Small business organizations depend entirely on their websites to promote their marketing channels but they do not take adequate steps to attract bulk traffic to them. Even the best of websites with valuable content will not be of any use if enough number of people does not get to see what is on them.


How can you go ahead and include your website on all the social networking channels? The initial thing for your business is to include its Uniform Resource Locator (URL) on the social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Company pages have had a great response when they were include on the Google+ pages.


How can you monitor and engage? Monitoring and engaging your website on the social networking channels can be done in a proactive manner by reaching out to all the existing and potential customers. This can be done by sharing all relevant content with prospective customers. Businesses have to be alert to spot the feedback and recommendation requests and share links to their websites to provide answers to all queries.


Importance of Blogging

Absence of good content is one of the largest barriers when trying to use the social media websites effectively. The best way to go about this is to stay active on the company blog. It helps in turning the website into a dynamic one. It ensures that there is something important to be said on the social media concerning your business and its brand of services. A blog needs not necessarily be always for written content. There could be an inclusion of an interesting YouTube video presentation that can speak volumes about the brand awareness and this can be embedded on to your company blog. The same applies for sites such as SlideShare, Infographics and Storify. Effective blogging and pointing of social messages to informative content on your website will attract followers to click through and become loyal customers, eventually.


Sharing Important Messages with Optimal Timing

As per a survey, it has been reported that each social media network has a separate optimal time during which posts can attract highest engagement. For example, at Twitter, it is between 1300 and 1500 hours; at Google+, it is between 0900 and 1100 hours; at Facebook, it is between 1300 and 1600 hours; at Pinterest, it is between 2000 and 2300 hours and at Instagram, it is between 1700 and 1800 hours.


Testing your Social Media Content

The content that is posted on the social media channels has to be measured and tested if it is to make a useful impact and connect successfully with your audience. Each individual social network has a unique audience. If your company ignores the basic specifics of a particular network, then the projected content will not be successful.


How is Social Media helpful for your Business?

When marketing on the social media becomes top priority for a business, it will allow your company to

  • Create a strong presence and be found easily.
  • Create a stronger brand.
  • Boost its sales.
  • Share its expertise in the market.
  • Interact with potential customers and receive their valuable feedback.
  • Manage free advertising.

Significance of Trackbacks

There are ways to strengthen the influence of the content that you share on your website. Trackbacks are important in doing this. Business can get familiarized with the latest social reports from Google Analytics. The reports from Google such as Trackbacks and Data Hub Activity allow business marketers a better insight into the social networking channels and how users are responding to the content posted on the web pages of a company. Trackbacks will show the websites that are linking to your business content.



There is no doubt that social media channels will continue to exert a strong impact in the coming years on business marketers and owners of small and medium-sized businesses. They will offer the ability to reach out to target audiences and communicate with them on personal levels. Social media marketing will remain as an important game changer for all businesses that engage in sales, customer service and miscellaneous commercial activities.


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