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I am writing this post today because I was asked by many people, who want to explore the possibilities of making money in Internet Marketing, on how to start an Internet Marketing business and what are the costs involved to start such a business – and this post is for the common person, not for the Internet Marketing experts who are making millions of dollars online, those are the exceptions and not the rule.

Internet Marketing is a business like any others, it requires skills, dedication, know-how, lots of time and necessitate an investment to start the business.

Most newbies start with opening an account on Clickbank and start as affiliates, this is the cheapest and fastest way to start – they promote other people’s products and hope to make a living, well here are some facts:

1-   Clickbank has more than 100,000 affiliates selling products and getting commissions.

2 – Clickbank online sales since the beginning (1998) is about $3 Billion dollars, yes with a “B”

So if you are good in Math. then the average affiliate marketer makes about $1666.66 X 50 % (commission) = $833.33 a year, and here is how I ended up with such figures, $ 3 Billion / 100,000 (affiliates) = $30,000 (total sales per affiliate) / 18 years then multiply that by 50% on average.

Of course there are few who are supper affiliates who made millions of dollars but those are the exceptions and if you are one of them then you don’t need to continue reading this post.


Internet Marketing


So the easiest way to promote Clickbank products is to choose a popular product and get the affiliate link then publish this link on whatever media you are using to get traffic to your link and hope to make a sale and get some commission between $7.00 to $47.00 a sale on average.

Well this method is obsolete now and the customers are getting more sophisticated, they need more, they need free gifts, bonuses and the best product in the market.

Now most of the Internet marketers are using different techniques and one of those techniques is to build an email list and promote to those customers that join the email list again and again after they have built a relationship, the way it is done is as follows:

1 – Get a squeeze page and offer something for FREE in exchange for the name and email of the prospect.

2 – Get the name of the prospect into an email list and direct the list into sales funnels.

3 – Give Free gifts again, whether a Free report, article, Newsletter or Webinar.

4 – Pitch a sale.

5 – Repeat step 1 to 4 again and again.

So how to get people into a squeeze page, well there are hundreds of methods to do so, whether using Social Media, Blogging, paid ads and so on and so forth.

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The average cost based on some very successful Internet Marketers, is between $2.00 and $4.00 for each lead or opt-in to an email list and the average revenue per lead is about $6.00 to $12.00 per year so to make a low six figures income, let’s say $100,000 you need to have at least 16,500 names in your email lists and as I said before the costs will be roughly about $2.00 per lead therefore we are looking at $30,000 investment.

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