Ten tips to ensure that you are blogging effectively

Ten tips to ensure that you are blogging effectively

So, you have something useful to tell the world. A blog is the right tool that you will need to express your views, build a community, interact with others, and drive traffic to your website. However, many individuals out there are not aware of how to start blogging and if they are blogging, they are not sure if they are doing it effectively. So, are you Blogging Effectively? Are you aware of what is involved when it comes to writing an effective blog post? Here is a list of blogging tips that will help you blog effectively.


Always starts with a great title

The title of any blog post plays an exceptionally vital role in its effectiveness. Readers like to scan title regardless of the platform. This way they are able to select an article that looks appealing to them, if your title is not appealing or too vague or not related to your content then chances are it will not attract the attention of readers.


Choose the best topic for your blog

When it comes to cohesiveness in a message, you don’t have an option. The reader may be interested in your topic, but if the message is out of content, then very few will want to return to your blog since they will get nothing from your blog. It does not mean you cannot skip from subject to subject, but it will be of no benefit if you start a blog that is not topical.


Conduct a thorough research

So you have managed to come up with a topic for your blog post or perhaps your next post, but have you started the tedious journey of conducting an extensive research on the topic? As an effective writer, it pays to carve out/down your topics since it will make your blogging life easier. Research your topic using search engines such as Google, which is a key factor in being effective. You will get different opinion that will help you improve your topic thus making your readers trust and believe your judgment.


Start with a simple introduction

If you have that appealing title that will definitely grab readers’ attention, then your introduction is the real magnet that will keep them on your site. A short, but well-written introduction can make the difference between readers leaving your article within seconds of landing into it or continue reading it. So to start blogging effectively make sure you keep your introduction short, engaging, and straightforward.


Provide your readers with useful and relevant content

The title and introduction lay a major role in letting readers into your web content however the content of your blog is a determining factor on whether or not your readers will get what they have been looking for. If you are incapable of delivering a content that offers solutions, ideas, creative thinking on existing information, rest assured that your blog will not be shared and whether will be used at all. It will be an example of a poorly written blog. Furthermore, you can use images, videos, block quotes, charts and info graphics to enhance your content. Such elements are essential in breaking up monotonous bodies of text and offer your reader a number of content to share with other readers or comment on.


Blog, Blogger, Blogging

So, you have something to tell the world


Make it easy to read and keep it interactive

You can benefit from having a friendly toned content, which is a sure way of ensuring you engage and get valuable feedback from your readers. In addition, the readers will be enticed to share your post among their contacts. If you manage this, your readers will regularly keep coming to your site, thus another reason to encourage you to comment and talk with them. With your own story to tell, you will be able to create your own brand, thus establishing an authority over the niche. Then again, you should consider interacting with other bloggers, which will make you create a good network that will enable you reach many readers.


Target your audience

Before you start writing a blog, it is important to know and understand your target audience. Your work is to target them and make sure you furnish them with useful content that will be valuable to them. By achieving this, you definitely win your readers hearts, which will make you grow your brand.


Optimize your content for Visibility

Though great content usually needs very little help to be ranked and viewed by the search engines, there is still need for on age optimization. This technique is so simple and you only need some few minutes to improve your site. This way you will successfully make search engines properly index and rank your article. You can make use of alt and title tags on all images, using head tags for all headings and sub-headlines not to mention internal and external links.


End with a strong conclusion

If you have been keen with blogs, you will realize that most blog posts that are poorly written lack a strong conclusion. A good conclusion will leave a reader with an urge to indulge with the article further. It is important to end an article with a recap of the main takeaways. These tricks will help you in encouraging the reader to save, share or comment on the article, especially if they will get connected to the article.


Avoid Too Much Promotion

And lastly, avoid too much promotion. Since blogs are meant to pass certain knowledge to your readers there is need to set a different platform for promotional campaigns for your business. Though you might think this is no good news, you will find that you can get increased credibility by avoiding promotional campaigns. It is normal for people to feel bored if you constantly engage a selling tone. If your readers find your article boring they will definitely navigate away from your blog post. The next time you decide to use words like “Sell”, “Sell”, “Sell”, “Buy This”, “Buy That”, etc… you better ask yourself are you blogging effectively?






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