Tips to Building Your Blog’s Readership

Tips to Building Your Blog’s Readership

Attracting traffic to a blog or a web site is challenging enough. So from the very beginning, when you start to see visitors coming to read your blog, be sure that they feel comfortable to stick around. And there are a number of ways you can help them to do just that. Here are seven vital ingredients for building a successful blog with a loyal following.


  1. Target audience mostly intelligent audience

There is a huge difference between your target audience and intelligent audience. When you start a blog, you should know what kind of people you want for your blog. Are you targeting a certain group of people or the whole internet world? If you are sure about your targeted niche, then you can be sure about the target audience. Trust is the most important aspect of your blog creation that attracts readers to your blog. So, how do you generate trust?

This is where intelligent people come handy.


What about the intelligent audience?

As per the study conducted by Oxford University and GSS survey of America, intelligent people trust others as compared to the other people. Intelligent quotient is calculated in terms of marital status, income and educational background. Intelligent people can judge things in better way than common people in the society.

When intelligent people start to trust your content, they like to spread it all over.


  1. Smart content becomes engaging and your blog gains readership

The contents in your blog should be well-researched and well-written. Smart content means helpful content. You should know how the contents of your blog can be helpful. To determine that you need to know about certain parameter that determines the smartness of the contents of your blog.

Smartness parameters

The contents need to be relevant and useful for the readers. The contents present in your blog shouldn’t be found anywhere else on the internet. All the contents mentioned in your website or blog should express intense professionalism. The contents in your blog should have educational value. The contents in your blog should be presented in such way that these would engage your readers. The quality of the contents should be such that those would blend fun and motivational factors in proper proportion to enchant the readers.


  1. Social media connection

Social media promotion is considered as the fundamental of gaining readership for your blog. Social media is considered as the best source of traffic for your blog. The best thing about the social media connectivity is that all users in the social media get your updates even if they haven’t subscribed to your updates. You can involve yourself in social media activities like sharing the contents in a group and taking part in the discussions to collect readership.

Most of the blogger fail to gain benefits from the social media platform. You should always use the popular social media platform that people generally use. You should know about various tools that help you to divert traffic to your blog. You should know about the tools and the ways to increase the loyal fans following.

Social Media Connection

Social Media Connection

  1. Don’t take selling as the theme of your blog

Everybody in the world wishes to sell commodities to others to earn money. This is a well-known fact. When you target your blog for selling your products people start to lose trust in you. Business is built on trust. Without trust you can’t generate readership.

If you won’t focus on selling or products, then what you would do!

You can educate the target audience. You can publish facts in your blog, so that it will help the readers to decide what they want. You can publish the honest reviews of your products even if other low-priced products are better than your products. When you present both positive and negative aspects of your products, people start trusting you.


  1. You can apologize when things go wrong

When gaining trust of the readership of your blog is at stake, you can say sorry to your readers even if you are not actually sorry for the things that have gone wrong. It means when things go beyond your control, you can say sorry to your readers.

When do you apologize to your readers?

When a reader or some readers complain about some of your posts, without hesitation you can say sorry. You shouldn’t feel bad about it. Even if other’s don’t see anything wrong in your posts, you can still say sorry to the readers. The trust of your readers is of utmost value.


  1. Try making your headlines crafty and link to the external sources

When you don’t like the cover of a book, you stop reading that book most of the time. The same principle applies to a blog. If your headlines are not interesting, readers stop reading your blog. Don’t just put up the idea that comes to your mind randomly. Try to brainstorm and come with a unique and eye catching title.

Whenever you talk about something sensitive, you should link the article to the expert sources to prove the veracity of your post. People always look for the expert opinions when they hear about something very sensitive. There are many expert sources available on the internet that you can link to.


  1. Interact with your readers

As a blogger, writing doesn’t end your job. You also need to interact with your readers. You can either communicate with your readers directly as a blogger or you can communicate to your readers as a reader. First of all you need to approve the comments posted by your readers in your blog. If you are an expert in the niche that you target, people more often look forward to your comments on their posts. Interacting with your readers directly is the best way to stay connected with your readers and to build your blog’s readership.



These are the seven basic tips to building your blog’s readership. As you gain traffic more and more day by day, you can discover numerous ways to build your blog’s readership.


Stay tuned for more on the subject in the next few posts.




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